Terms and Conditions

Travel of horse/pony
All horses/ponies must have their passports with them during travel – Horse Passports (England) Regulation 2004.
Welfare of Animals (Transpot) Order 1997 states;
Article (6) No persons shall transport any animal unless it is fit for travel.
Horses/ponies may be transported to the nearest available place for veterinary treatment /diagnosis or to the nearest available place of slaughter if the animal is not likely to be subjected to unnecessary suffering by reason of its unfitness.
Should your horse/pony prove to be unsettled or unfit for travel we reserve the right to refuse transport of the horse/pony and a callout fee will be charged, which will take into account the mileage already travelled.
We advise you to place travel boots/bandages, tail bandages and a poll guard on your horse/pony where suitable.

You are advised to insure your horse for transportation.
Our drivers all take reasonable precautions during transportation of horses/ponies according to Article (4) of above order, however, in the event of an accident please note you are personally liable for your horse/pony in the event of injury or damage sustained to or by your horse/pony.
You will be liable to cover the cost of repair for any damage caused by your horse/pony to the horse transport vehicle. You will be given the opportunity to check the horse transport vehicle before a journey.

We ask that you let us load your horse for insurance purposes. If you would like to load your horse be aware that in the event of injury you are not covered.
If your horse/pony needs training or retraining in loading please note that a charge of £80 for this service will be made on top of your transport costs.
If you have already had other horse transporters previous to ourselves who have been unable to load your horse then a charge of £160 will be made further to your mileage costs.

Carrying other items
We are happy to carry tack or other equipment along with your horse/pony, but the insurance for these items is your responsibility.

Prices qouted are based on an approximation of the estimated mileage to be travelled. All qoutes are firmly set for the transport job requested unless circumstances dictate a longer route needs to be taken.
• Waiting time is charged at £14 per hour.

We accept payment by credit or debit card or cash on delivery. Payment by cheque with cheque guarantee card must be clear before transportation.