MRD Horse Transport is a friendly, professional family run company offering a first class service.

We have a full operators license which allows us to transport horses for hire and reward,   deeming us as a horse transporter fully insured to carry your horse(s). We are also D.E.F.R.A approved which establishes set conditions for us as transporters to follow with regards to the welfare of horses/ponies in transit.

Our horse transporter carries 8 horses comfortably with fully adjustable partitions to allow for example, mare/foal stalls. CCTV is fitted so we can constantly monitor horses/ponies during travel.

We transport anywhere in the UK with single or shared loads on a 24 hour call-out basis. Our concern for the horse is paramount and for this reason we will only do shares if the sharing horses/ponies are based on a direct route, or to fill an empty return journey – by this we aim to minimize the equines stress and length of travel.

We carry out work for main insurance companies whom we can invoice direct alongside       major breakdown companies.

Our drivers have over 25 years experience of transporting equines. We have dealt and worked in re training 'behavioural problem' equines for many years so we understand the concern of anxious owners, 'difficult loaders' are not seen as a problem.

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